GOS Films
Passionate about working with upcoming talent and being a brick in the next wall of films that have a real effect on their audience.
Film Production
Real Soldiers
An ambitious journalist and cameraman working for a Russia news channel are faced with a tough decision when they stumble across a secret conversation recorded between two cunning politicians at the 2013 Ukrainian Peace Talks in Berlin.
TypeMicro Series
Film Production
The Hunters
Short Film. One wrong step can lead to disaster. Things take an unexpected turn for nine-year-old Al when he decides to secretly follow his dad and brother on their hunting trip.
TypeShort Film
Film Production
Always Greener
Short Film. When Luke revisits a familiar place, the decisions he made in a past life come back to haunt him. Looking forward or back, the grass seems to always be greener.
TypeShort Film
Video Production
Short interviews of self made women & the brands they have built
TypeInterviews with a twist
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